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The safest way to export and import
is through COMEXTTR!


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We have established our COMEXTTR External Trade and Consultancy Incorporated Company with the aim of providing safe, effective, and efficient service in the "Export and Import" business lines, which is the field that our country needs the most, with the knowledge, experience, and solid friendship our company founder has gained while representing our country for many years in our Embassies and International Organizations.


has adopted the principle of providing the best support to both product buyer (Importer) and product seller (Exporter) companies in the triangle of "HONESTY - TRUST - LOYALTY" relationship.


is engaged in food, machinery, automotive, spare parts, construction, furniture, textile, footwear, defense industry, medical and so on. In order to carry out export and import activities in all product sectors, it puts forward its activities with its strong team on the axis of sustainability as a "Demand Indexed" in the first place and then as a practitioner.


You can view the product groups of our company, which is the distributor of many brands and products, and you can contact us for detailed information.

⁠ICUMSA 45 / ICUMSA 80-150 / ICUMSA 600-1200 Brazil Sugar

Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil

Creal and Grain Products

UREA 46 Fertilizer

Petroleum and Petrochemical Products



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    The safest way to export and import is through COMEXTTR

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